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Antenna Pannello Kathrein 4 x 5 KW In 7/8" Pol. H + V

Directional Antenna 87.5 108 MHz
K 53 32 187, K 53 32 188
  • Broadband directional antenna made of hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • Especially suitable for square masts.
  • Optionally for circular, horizontal, vertical or slant polarization.
4 dipoles are arranged symmetrically in front of a reflector screen. With suitable feeding the antenna radiates circularly polarized. An isolation of 40 50 dB between horizontal and vertical pairs of dipoles is achieved through the spezial design. This design permits the transmission of 2 programs horizontally and vertically polarized independently from each other.
Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel.
Weather protection: fiberglass cover.
Mounting: The antenna must be mounted so that the bent radiators are horizontally polarized. Mounting dimensions and
mounting hardware on request.
Ice protection: Even under severe icy conditions the antenna is still functional due to its heavy-duty construction and the fibreglass
covers of the feeding points.
Grounding: Via mounting parts.
Polarization: Suitable feeding of the horizontal and vertical dipole pairs optionally result in left or right hand circular or elliptical or slant polarization or simultaneous horizontal and vertical polarization.
Combinations: The antenna is especially suitable as a component in arrays to achieve various radiation patterns. Particularly for square
Scope of supply: Antenna without mounting clamps.
Special features: The antenna will be shipped dismounted.
Product Code: K 53 32 188