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Antenna Diagrams and related Calc Software
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Field conversion table

For example, wanting to know how many dB (uV / m) corresponds to an E = 1mV / m field, specify in the drop-down menu 'From (mV/m)' and type 1 in the adjacent field. Then select 'to dB (uV/m)' from the drop-down menu to obtain the conversion: 60 dB (uV/m).
In the example cited, E = 1mV/ m means that between two points in space 1 meter apart, there is a potential difference of 1 milliVolt.

Conversion table Voltage <-> dB

Voltage at the ends of a receiving antenna immersed in an E.M.F.

Gain of dipole in lambda/2 refered to isotropic source = 1.64 V/iso (2.14 dB/iso).

Field in V/m
Receiving gain in v/iso
Receiving impedence in ohm
Frequency in MegaHertz
Wave length in meters
Power received in Watts
Voltage on the receiver in Volts