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What's the best way to guarantee a long-life-term to our equipment? The proper installation. Anytime we are asked to supply our equipment we take care to suggest the right installation procedure.

Our Engineering Team is always available to support our Customers, even with on-site interventions, with all the necessary information to install our devices in the best operating-condition.
Needless to say that when we are asked to take care of a turnkey project, that's our primary element.
The first secret of the best installation is a proper complete survey.
This activity is preparatory to the installation executive project (based on our personal Broadcast Site Monograph criteria) which is the second real secret of the best installation.
With such project in our hands we can identify all the necessary equipment and accessories (we always use the best ones) to give to the installation team all the instruments to guarantee the result, with the right cost optimization.
Every time that we complete an installation, we always deliver to our Customers the whole project book, to allow Them to properly manage anytime every station supplied by our company.
Brodcast Site Technical Monograph