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Coaxial Switches

Manifold switching operations in transmitting and receiving stations for mobile communication, broadcasting, radar and satellite systems as well as medical devices are executed by changeover switches, 2-way switches (transfer switches) or step switches with electrically controlled or manual operation.

SPINNER 2-way switches use a hypocycloidic gear. This technology makes it possible to combine an extremely compact switch drive and a very short switching time. A sophisticated mechanical design guarantees that the auxiliary contacts (e. g. for a carrier safety loop) are actuated before opening and after closing the RF contacts. Thus SPINNER switches reliably prevent accidental switching under load ('hot switching'). Where ultra-fast switching times are essential, such as in radar systems, electronic switches with pin diodes are used.
SPINNER switches offer the following advantages:
  • low insertion loss and high isolation
  • low VSWR over the whole frequency range
  • short switching times and high reliability
  • long service life up to 2 mill. switching cycles for switches with mechanical drive
  • almost unlimited service life for switches with pin diodes
Spinner Two Way Coaxial Switches